Manufacture and export of stainless steel products.

Founded in 2018 by two friends, a mechanical engineer with high experience in the industrial field and an electronic communications expert.

In addition to shaping the products of the companies in the sector from technical, functional and aesthetic perspectives, our company continues to support you in the mass production process.      Industrial manufacturing, machinery and so on to ease your workload. all your needs from scratch designs, re-designs, update-adding methods such as the solution and the results are delivered.

Our team designs and manufactures industrial equipments that can be used in many areas with its expert staff in high quality stainless steel.

Please contact us for detailed information about these products.

As yms engineering, we adopt the following principles to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Scientific and technological superiority,
Compliance with national and international standards and rules,
Effective project management and resource use,
Fast and timely service,
Cost-effective, rational and practical solutions
Sensitivity to public and environmental health,

Our respect,


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